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The ‘Key Competence Framework: 2016-2017 Review Collaborative space’ on the School Education Gateway in open for members to continue discussions about the review. A number of materials and forums have been created in this space to inform the review, and members can visit the space and contribute to the discussions currently taking place.

More specifically, a new forum titled 'Visual Presentation of the New Framework' has been created. This is based on stakeholder comments from different consultation events that:

The School Education Gateway platform  serves as one-stop info-point on European educational affairs, with regular sections on news, viewpoints (among which we host guest expert contributions and video interviews), resources (including a selection of highly relevant publications and tutorials).

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is the world’s biggest and most important international education study looking at the knowledge and skills of 15 year olds in Mathematics, Reading and Science.

Schools and pupils representing more than 70 countries participate in the study which provides high quality, internationally comparative data for education researchers, policy makers and schools worldwide.

OECD CERI’s work on Trends Shaping Education provides an overview of key economic, social, demographic and technological trends and their potential links to education. It uses a variety of robust international sources of data, including the OECD, the World Bank and the United Nations.

As Editors-in-Chief, Stephan Huber and Guri Skedsmo invite colleagues to submit papers and proposals for special issues which fit the scope of the journal, and with a particular focus on the following topics:

In the last version of the EFEA newsletter you can find information about:

- The new EFEA executive board.

- The EFEA Workshop on "Democracy and Education Leadership in Europe".

- Other EFEA events.

Read the EFEA newsletter

The latest e-newsletter of the Institute for the Management and Economics of Education (IBB) of the University of Teacher Education in Zug includes information on:

1. Jobs /open positions at the IBB

2. The Education Leadership Symposium (past and upcoming)

3. New Publications (e.g. call for proposals for EAEA).

4. Symposium about the World School Leadership Study (WSLS) at the World Education Research  Association (WERA) annual conference 2016.

5. American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting 2016 : Presentations of the IBB,

The April 2015 issue of the "European Network for Improving Research and Development in Educational Leadership and Management" newsletter, includes reports about:

- The upcoming ENIRDELM Jurmala 2016 conference, titled “Leading for Equity and Quality in Education".

- The "Education for Growth and Development" Project that is coordinated by the Riga City Council.

- Policy developments in educational systems around Europe.

an many more reports from ENIRDELM members.

In this issue:

  • Education and Training Monitor 2015 published
  • Ukraine joins the Creative Europe programme
  • Higher education mobilises to facilitate the integration of refugees
  • Education, Training and Youth Forum - TED-like talks videos available

Read the November 2015 newsletter

In this issue:

  • European education and training cooperation: new priorities
  • EU Youth Report released
  • European Culture Forum - 26-27 November 2015
  • EU–China cooperation in the field of youth
  • Launch of the Young Talent Architecture Prize (YTAP)

Read the September 2015 newsletter