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Equity and Inclusiveness of Physical Environment of Schools in the Views of Heads of Slovenian Basic Schools

The text is focused on the equity of opportunity that ought to be provided by the physical or built interior and exterior school environment to promote inclusive education, which supports different needs of children and accepts the variety of their special features. School design as well should be accessible for different groups of pupils. In a survey research we were interested to find what adaptations of physical environment exist in Slovenian basic schools and what adaptations have been made for certain groups of students.


Distributed Leadership and Social Justice (DLSJ): UK National Review

The national review set out in this paper complements the empirical study that the University of Hertfordshire (UH) team (Philip Woods and Amanda Roberts) is conducting on Distributed Leadership (DL) and social justice. The purpose of the national review is to provide a summary and interpretation of selected understandings and research into DL, with particular reference to social justice. The review is concerned chiefly with approaches and influences in England, as time and resources preclude undertaking reviews focused on the other UK countries. It includes some of the international literature which is influential in understandings of DL in England.


Distributed Leadership in Practice: A Descriptive Analysis of Distributed Leadership in European Schools

This research project was undertaken by ESHA  (European School Heads Association) and ETUCE (European Trade Union Committee for Education). The research focused on distributed leadership in schools. It began in May 2013 and ended in September 2013. The aim of the study was to collect data at the European level in order to determine to what extent distributed leadership is present in schools and to identify and describe variations in leadership practice. Factors include those related to school life such as the financial context of the economic recession, the extent of influence of schools in their community, the type of education and national variations are explored together with the respondent’s position in the school.  The study sought to address the following four main questions:

  • To what extent is leadership distributed in the schools?
  • What are the variations in the perceived extent of distributed leadership between subgroups of respondents based upon personal features?
  • What are the variations in perceived extent of distributed leadership between subgroups based upon school-related features?
  • How do the external factors relate to the perceived extent of distributed leadership?

School Leadership and Equity: An Examination of Policy Response in Scotland

In this paper we adopt a critical perspective on the implementation of policy on school leadership and equity in Scotland, viewing policy as both an attempt to solve problems and an attempt to persuade social actors to subscribe to particular beliefs that delineate action. We begin by offering a definition of “policy response”, and then examine how policy “conversations” establish consensus around such things as school leadership and equity. We examine Scottish policy on school leadership and equity and consider what practices this policy does, and does not permit. In so doing, our examination of the implementation of policy on school leadership and equity in Scotland acknowledges that such policy is in part extemporized, and in part the attempt to make inevitable a “de-stated” account of governance. We conclude by contextualising our forthcoming empirical study of the Leadership Standards for Social Justice in Scotland.


Between civil service and republican ethics: the statist vision of leadership among French principals

The notion of leadership does not exist in the mind of the majority of researchers, policymakers and practitioners in France. The more usual conception is related to the administration and steering of schools. The principal is considered as an administrator more than a manager, as a representative of the State more than a member of a local community, a civil servant more than an entrepreneur. This definition can be explained by historical, institutional and cultural reasons which are exposed in this chapter. The Republican vision, shared by a great number of educators, and the weight of the State are also two major features of the attribution of roles and responsibilities to the French principal.


Accountability in Polish Schools

This report contains the analysis and conclusions regarding the manner of understanding and  the implementation of accountability in Polish schools. The studies which form a basis of this report were qualitative. They were conducted in the period from August to October 2013. At first, it should be emphasised that the study is exploratory and preliminary in nature.

This project is part of the broader study undertaking implemented as part of the European Policy Network on School Leadership, which is carried out in Poland by the Educational Research Institute. The data presented below should be treated as a preliminary exploration to the multidimensional and elaborate subject matter of accountability in the Polish education system. We hope that the results of this analysis will serve to prepare a systematic and in-­‐depth study of the accountability theme in the Polish schools.


Distributed Leadership and Social Justice - A Case Study in Finland

The EPNoSL study on distributed leadership and social equity in Finland is a mixed method study comprising,

  • a review of how present studies depict distributed leadership in Finland.
  • a synthesis of findings on distributed leadership in a national school leadership survey conducted for the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • a case study on how a Central Finland principal defines social justice leadership

Distributed Leadership for Equity and Learning in Hungary

The present research report aims to explore the relationship between forms of distributed leadership and equity and learning in two ways:

  • by analysing existing data from this perspective,
  • by exploring leadership practices in a pilot programme focusing on inclusion.

The aim of the secondary data analysis of two major Hungarian data bases – National Assessment of Basic Competences and School Survey – is to provide evidence about the connection between distributed leadership and equity outcomes. A multilevel integrated model is established to describe the link between school leaders’ attitudes (to equity and leading) and equity as an outcome. The model is then tested with the help of pre-defined indicators available in the two data bases.

The case study aims at exploring leadership practices, in particular distributed forms of leadership, at different levels of the Springboard programme – a national pilot programme targeted young people between 15-25 with learning difficulties –, and how they influence the process of change in the schools involved.


Distributed Leadership and Social Justice - UK Case Study

The aim of the research study is to investigate distributed leadership (DL) and perceptions of whether and in what ways it promotes or otherwise social justice and democratic practices. The study examines this in the context of one case study (secondary) school where our main interest is to explore the meanings which participants make of aspects of leadership policy and practice within the school. Data generation draws from the following approaches: narrative enquiry, arts-based research, informal interviews, and respondent validation through a ʻdata feedbackʼ seminar. For purposes of reporting data, we have given the case study school the fictitious name of Heathvale School.


Lithuanian Head Teachers of Education Institutions about Distributed Leadership

The goal of this study was to investigate the distribution of leadership in Lithuanian educational institutions, and find the answers to the following questions:

1. Are the head teachers and community members of Lithuanian educational institutions familiar with the distributed leadership ideas; do they implement these ideas in the environment of an educational institution?
2. How is the leadership shared in the environment of an educational institution?
3. How does the distributed leadership practice fit into the framework of an educational institution values (equity, honesty, community involvement)?
4. What is the impact of distributed leadership on the results of an educational institution activities and the development of culture within an educational institution?
5. What is the needs for distributed leadership learning/teaching?


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