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Netherlands School of Educational Management (NSO)

NSO is an association of academies from 5 universities in the Netherlands. NSO has a holistic approach to Educational Management and Leadership. Their staffs cover all the aspects and are able to work closely together with individuals having diversity in cultural backgrounds. NSO offers high-quality training courses aimed at personal development, competences and skills of (future) leaders and managers in education (including an accredited course Master in Education Management). The team of experts is strongly rooted in the practice of education, management and leadership. Over the years NSO has developed and implemented a large number of international projects. Examples are the large scale projects on Comprehensive Educational Leadership Trainings, which were implemented in various countries, see also ‘Overview NSO's International Projects 1990 – 2013’. Other international projects and services involve research, consultancies, program development and management, teaching and training - aimed at strengthening capacities in educational management, school leadership, development of curriculums and standards in these fields.  

In the EPNoSL project, NSO experts share their knowledge and competences with all stakeholders involved – national and international, such as: university teachers and -trainers, school principals, policy makers, associations and local authorities.  The areas involve Educational Research, Enhancing Learning/Teaching Environments, Curriculum Development, Assessment, Application of Technology in Teaching and Learning (Virtual Action Learning), Materials Development, Quality Care, Strategic School Management, School Culture, School Organisation and Governance, Leadership, Communication, Innovation and Change Management, Culture of Learning Organisations, Human Resource Management, Financial Management and System Leadership. NSO will also be accountable and responsible for actively cooperate; assist the project coordinator aiming at timely release of all deliverables. NSO coordinates the EU partners involved in Work Package 5 the project. 

Research/Capacity Building Organisations