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General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTC)

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTC Scotland) is the independent regulatory body for Scotland's teachers. We maintain and enhance teaching standards as well as promote and regulate the teaching profession in Scotland. Established in 1965 as a result of the Teaching Council Scotland Act, GTC Scotland was the first such professional body for teaching and teachers in the United Kingdom and one of the first teaching councils in the world. We ensure that children in Scotland are taught by qualified registered teachers and aim to promote equality and diversity in all our activities. We are a registered charity (charity number SC006187). In 2009, the Scottish Government declared that GTC Scotland would become an independent profession-led body and we are currently working towards that.

We carry out a wide range of activities relating to education in Scotland such as registration and continual professional development. Our main functions are: 1. To maintain the register of teachers and decide if registration should be refused or withdrawn on grounds of professional conduct or professional competence 2. To maintain and enhance our professional standards 3. To review the standards of education 4. To make recommendations to Scottish Ministers 5. To monitor, review and accredit programmes of teacher education courses 6. To administer the Standard for Headship programme 7. To manage the probationary period of teachers

In the area of Continuing Professional Development (CPD): 1. to accredit all modules and programmes leading to the award of The Standard for Chartered Teacher and the award of The Standard for Headship 2. to support and assess claims made by teachers who can demonstrate that they have achieved the Standard for Chartered Teacher 3. to organise a professional interview for a teacher recommended for the professional award of the Standard for Headship as part of the national Flexible Routes to Headship pilot project 4. to make recommendations to Scottish Ministers on the career development, staff development and review of teachers.

We have a Council that is made up of elected registered teachers, educationalists and lay members that make decisions on matters of policy. Our Council is formed every four years to represent the profession, the wider educational community and the public on important educational issues affecting teachers and teaching.The GTC for Scotland is the independent professional body which maintains and enhances teaching standards and promotes and regulates the teaching profession in Scotland.

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