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EPNoSL Heraklion PLA Presentations


Opening of the PLA

Welcome Message by the Greek Minister of Education and Culture, Aristides Baltas

Welcome note by the French Minister of Education, Eléonore Slama

Opening speech of Panagiotis Simandirakis, Vice governor for Education, Lifelong learning & Employment, Region of Crete

Keynote addresses

Michael Schratz - Promoting school leadership for equity and learning is leading towards the emerging future in a rapidly changing world

Stephan Gerhard Huber - School Leadership Practices and Health – Selected Findings From a Multi-Method Longitudinal School Leadership Study

John Mac Beath - Leading and Learning: who leads and who follows?

John Daffurn and James Helbert - Learning for leadership, leadership for learning


Panel session – Equity and learning as critical educational goals

John Portelli and Salvina Muscat - Equity: Conception and Lessons Learnt

Giovanna Barzanò - Students' Voice at School

Yiannis Roussakis - Leadership for equity and learning at a time of GERMs and Crises


Panel session - Networking for school leadership policy development

Adel Csernovitz - Networking for school leadership policy development


Workshops on EPNoSL Toolkit

School Autonomy for equity and learning

Distributed Leadership for equity and learning

Educating School Leaders for equity and learning

School Accountability for equity and learning

Teacher Leadership for equity and learning

Policy Response for equity and learning

Promoting Stakeholders' Collaboration for equity and learning

Policy Self-Assessment for equity and learning



Krousonas High School - Creating virtual enterprises in order to connect the school with local community with a view to promote traditional and other kinds of products