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25th ENIRDELM Conference - Leading for Equity and Quality in Education

25th ENIRDELM Conference - Leading for Equity and Quality in Education

Thursday, September 15, 2016 (All day) - Saturday, September 17, 2016 (All day)
Jurmala, Latvia

The theme for the 2016 ENIRDELM conference is “Leading for Equity and Quality in Education”. The theme is deliberately broad and all-encompassing designed to appeal to the full range of analysts, educator practitioners and those involved in education research. It challenges all involved in education and learning to reflect on the core elements of a successful education going forward.

Unesco World Education Forum 2015 (Incheon Declaration) has built a powerful new education agenda that will transform lives. Equity and quality are two of five key themes stated in the declaration. Equity in education means providing the best opportunities for all people to achieve their full potential and act to address instances of disadvantage which restrict educational achievement. Quality education is not only essential for meeting people’s basic needs, their teachers, peers, communities, curriculum and learning resources but it must help to prepare them to recognize and respect human rights globally and to value global well-being, as well as equip them with the relevant skills and competencies necessary for 21st century employment opportunities. Quality education is based on research, deep analyses, innovation, collaboration and cooperation on different levels, exchange of experiences, exploring the great potential of leadership.

We encourage proposals focusing on the conference theme. What lessons can we learn from current practices and what do we need to do differently in order to meet the needs of current and future students, citizens and societies? At the conference we will be happy to explore such sub-topics:

  • The understanding of equity in your country, region, school.
  • Leading school for everybody.
  • Collaboration between different stakeholders to ensure equity in education.
  • Equity and quality as leading features of 21st century education.
  • Leading quality in teaching and learning.
  • Evidence-based learning process as a way to innovations and quality in education.
  • Leading for quality in education on different levels collaboratively (schools, local communities, coutry, EU, world etc).
  • Leading for quality in education on all levels of education (pre-school, basic school, high school, university).

As the topic of the conference is a very broad one, our aim is to give a possibility to everybody to give his/her personal input in the process of exchanging of experience in leading for equity and quality in education. You can choose your problem for the presentation from these advised sub-toppics or you can take your own research, case study etc. to fit in the conference theme. We hope you will all contribute your views and reflections to the discussion and debate and we look forward to engaging theoretical inputs and a lively exchange of ideas in Jurmala in September 2016.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is Monday, April 25, 2016.

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