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Typology of European Space for Improvement on School Leadership Policy and Practice

Within the scope of WP2 (The State of Affairs on School Leadership in Europe) a first specific objective was defined as “To identify, analyze and map current trends on the preparation and selection of School leadership in Europe in relation to the State of the art and regulatory conditions”.

 For that purpose the set of questions listed above were formulated to frame the first national narratives on school leadership and handed out to the participants to produce their respective national Institutional Statements (ISs), previously to the National Reports elaboration.

This document presents a synthesis of common policies, perceptions and practices on school leadership as described in those national narratives provided by each member country representatives, according to “a protocol on thematic areas to explore into relation to the current policy orientation”, forwarded by the International Coordination of the “European Policy Network on School Leadership” (EPNoSL) after the Project kick off meeting in Crete, September, 2011.

The protocol aimed at identifying common issues and differences in policies, practices and perceptions in the field of school leadership in each member country, distributed to cover a span of diversified topics, such as: perceptions, policies, leaders’ selection procedures, changes occurred in the last years, training and professional development of school leaders, policy and practice in the monitoring of school leadership and inclusiveness, strengths and weaknesses in school leadership, among other specific issues.

This document constitutes a further elaboration of the first compared analysis prepared for the EPNoSL Meeting held in Munich, February, 2012, to which three late contributions are now added.

1st Year
Public deliverable
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