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State of the Art Review

This report is developed in the frame of the Network’s second work package.

The goal of this report of the European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL) work is to highlight the academic underpinning on school leadership and, on such a base, highlight the discourse on School Leadership as a means to improve educational performance.

The report discusses the themes of

  1. Trends and tendencies in external expectations: policies, culture and governance (Philip A. Woods)
  2. Translation of external expectations into internal meaning and direction (Andrej Koren & Lejf Moos)
  3. Understanding and empowering teachers and other staff (Peter Earley)
  4. Structuring and culturing schools (Olof Johansson & Jacky Lumby)
  5. Working with partners and the external environment (Mac Ruairc & Michael Schratz)

as stand alone parameters. These constituted the stimulus for discourse on the first PLA held in Munich on February 6 and 7, 2012, which concluded with ‘Policy recommendations on School Leadesrhip’.

The report is divided in two parts. The first highlights the academic underpinning and the second presents policy implications on School Leadership in Europe.

1st Year
Public deliverable
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