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School Leadership Policy Development through Stakeholder Dialogue: The EPNoSL Virtual Platform

The primary objective of the webinars was to generate dialogue between different stakeholders across Europe on particular areas of school leadership through the EPNoSL toolsets and the related case studies. In particular, the aim was to mediate EPNoSL understandings as well as to enhance these understandings through the interaction of participants. In conclusion we have seen that the interactions and discussions evolving in the webinars enriched both the toolsets and the case studies in several ways and contributed to deepening the understandings on school leadership development. More specifically, six different types of contribution have been identified:

  • bringing the abstract and theoretical closer to the practical and tangible,
  • underlining the core message through repetition and emphases,
  • bringing in a new issue, concept or perspective,
  • providing more insight into certain aspects,
  • generating trans-European thinking – contrasting national approaches, systems,
  • generating self-reflection on EPNoSL and its products.

3rd Year
Delivery date: 
Fri, 10/07/2015
Public deliverable