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School Leadership as a driving force for equity and learning - Comparative perspective

This report is developed in the frame of the European Policy Network of School Leadership (EPNoSL) project’s fourth work package (WP) entitled “Knowledge Construction”. The objective of this WP is to provide policy with an evidence base on culturing and structuring School Leadership under the perspective of equity and learning. WP4 is primarily focused on a set of 5 concerns/themes for research on major policy areas within EU educational systems: a) autonomy, b) accountability, c) distributed leadership, d) policy response and e) educating school leaders. In all five themes promoting learning and equity were considered as key educational goals. To critically address these themes, EPNoSL partners have conducted targeted empirical studies, which are considered as vital for supporting evidence-based policy design and implementation on school leadership. Research results from these studies will guide the implementation of WP5 (focusing on Sustainability and Scalability), and in particular, provide input for the finalisation of EPNoSL’s Briefing Notes, which are designed to provide policymakers with the tools and analysis to meet challenges and identify areas for policy attention to support and enhance school leadership for equity and learning.

The scope of the selected studies/themes is to support policy development by identifying spaces for tackling equity and learning challenges; by identifying policy initiatives that support an enabling school leadership environment; by identifying the effects of different forms of training; by identifying factors that impede upon effective policy implementation and by defining requirements for the preparation (and selection) of school leaders (and School Leadership).
2nd Year
Delivery date: 
Tue, 31/12/2013
Public deliverable