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Interim Evaluation Report - Relevancy of EPNoSL contents to support policy development

Achieving and measuring impact on policy is a many-faceted and long-term process. At the conclusion of the life of EPNoSL, it is not possible to achieve a full, summative assessment of the overall impact of the network on policy, as impact may continue over some years to come. Inasmuch as an assessment may be made, bearing in mind the caveats about timescale and the limitations of evidence, EPNoSL has been successful in impacting on policy through changing values, discourse, knowledge, relationships and resources, which in turn have, in some instances, changed both the thinking underpinning policy and the practical means selected to achieve related goals. As such, a cautious conclusion can be reached that EPNoSL has fulfilled its brief to influence policy development concerning school leadership in Europe.

3rd Year
Delivery date: 
Sat, 20/06/2015
Public deliverable
EPNoSL evaluation report - policy impact780.03 KB