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Interim Evaluation Report - Relevancy of EPNoSL Contents to Support Policy Development

This report is the second of three relating to the above objectives, and focuses on the relevance and value of the intellectual activities and products of EPNoSL's work for shaping policy and practice.

The central purpose of EPNoSL is to support the development of policy in Europe relevant to school leadership. This evaluation of the contents, that is the documents and other outputs such as webinars, has concluded that they are generally of high quality and are appropriate to supporting such a process. The policy tools and summaries that are built on the cumulative work of the Network provide a nuanced understanding of the policy process. They have also successfully established learning and equity as the core goals of school leadership. The models and recommendations for policy that have resulted embody depth of thinking and considered responses to relevant issues, and are conceptually thought through. It is hoped that those making use of the outputs of the EPNoSL will apply them in ways that exploit their range and complexity.

3rd Year
Delivery date: 
Tue, 10/02/2015
Public deliverable
EPNoSL evaluation - second round1.35 MB