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Interim Evaluation Report - Effectiveness and Efficiency of Work Processes

Monitoring, reflection, internal and external evaluation are intrinsic elements of all three Work Plans. As the project moves to its conclusion in 2015, a final evaluation is able to build on previous evaluative reports to consider more comprehensively the work of the project and its impact. During the Third Period the contract requires evaluation by external evaluators of:

a. Impact to stakeholder groups (focusing on policy)
b. Effectiveness and efficiency of work processes (in relation to the stated milestone MS3 – Quality Assurance of EPNoSL processes and outputs in relation to the Call’s objectives)
c. Relevance of EPNoSL contents to support policy development.

We have interpreted these requirements in the Work Plan as evaluation of:

1. The effectiveness and efficiency of the way partners have worked together
2. The relevance and value of the intellectual activities, the issues explored and products of EPNoSL's work for shaping policy and practice
3. The impact of EPNoSL's work on policy relating to school leadership.

This is the first of the three reports. All three will be assimilated into a fourth and final comprehensive external evaluation of the work of the European Policy Network on School Leadership over the lifetime of the project.

3rd Year
Delivery date: 
Mon, 14/07/2014
Public deliverable
EPNoSL evaluation report - first round1.34 MB