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Final EPNoSL Evaluation Report

Professor Jacky Lumby and Dr Gerry Mac Ruairc, have evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency of work processes in relation to the Call’s objectives and, the relevance of EPNoSL contents to support policy development with respect to school leadership. These evaluation outcomes were achieved by deploying three different and complementary evaluation strategies. The first phase of the evaluation used a questionnaire to all of the project partners to establish the effectiveness and efficiency of the way partners have worked together. The findings of this part of the evaluation are reported in Section One of this report. The second section of the report details the peer review that was conducted on a sample of materials that were developed by EPNoSL partners in order to establish the relevance and value of the intellectual activities, the issues explored and products of EPNoSL's work in shaping policy and practice. The third section of this document reports on the findings of six case examples designed to elicit the extent to which participation and involvement in EPNoSL's impacts on policy relating to school leadership in the sample of case countries chosen.

3rd Year
Delivery date: 
Tue, 30/06/2015
Public deliverable
EPNoSL Final Evaluation Report1.27 MB