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The European Scenery on School Leadership: National Case Reports

This report is a work in progress, which should serve as an overview of the similarities and differences regarding trends in educational leadership in the partner countries who contributed with their individual country reports. The intention at this point is to elicit comment and discussion on the material presented so far. As such, main conclusions and implications for policy will be included in the forthcoming final version.

Each of the chapters in this report begins with a thematic review of research literature that develops and builds on a shared understanding of core concepts in the field of school leadership. The set of themes is built on a basic distinction between school leadership and school leader. The first chapters look at school leadership and build on and re-work the Framework of Reference developed in the Comenius Project entitled The Making of Leadership (2011, forthcoming) that in turn was built on school leadership research, see for example (Leithwood & Riehl, 2005). The structure facilitates exploration of leadership functions (what is it that is expected of school leaders). It includes introductions to the national policies and governance of schools and the following themes. The chapter themes and author names (EPNoSL experts) are as follows:

  1. Trends and tendencies in external expectations: policies, culture and governance (Philip A. Woods)
  2. Translation of external expectations into internal meaning and direction (Andrej Koren & Lejf Moos)
  3. Understanding and empowering teachers and other staff (Peter Earley)
  4. Structuring and culturing schools (Olof Johansson & Jacky Lumby)
  5. Working with partners and the external environment (Mac Ruairc & Michael Schratz)
  6. School leaders preparation and development

An Annex is attached providing individual National Reports contributed by the partnership.

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