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Commonly Agreed Plan on the Content and Form of EPNoSL’s Policy Influence Toolset

The aim of this deliverable is to establish consensus among EPNoSL partners on the conceptual orientation, type, content, form, and media of the EPNoSL policy reflection tools and offer guidance regarding their design, development, review and validation. The purpose of the EPNoSL toolsets is to guide reflections on the requirements for school leadership policy action planning in several national/regional contexts across EU, supported by the inclusion of diverse stakeholder groups’ positions on/for SL and related issues. The EPNoSL toolsets should ensure that from the outset equity and learning considerations underlie reflections on SL policy planning.

From the perspective of the EPNoSL workplan, the toolsets are enriched by case studies of good practices to be developed in the context of WP3 and in turn inform the construction of Action Plans in the context of WP4.

The orientation of the toolsets is framed by the EPNoSL’s briefing notes. In particular, the contents of the EPNoSL Period 2 briefing notes, drawing inputs from other EPNoSL resources, should be transformed into policy and practice relevant tools, with the aim of enabling reflections concerning the requirements for policy developments on SL, on each of EPNoSL’s five thematic policy areas, namely

  • autonomy,
  • accountability,
  • distributed forms of leadership,
  • policy response, and
  • educating school leaders and other professionals.

According to the workplan, the toolkit will also include toolsets on

  • policy coherence,
  • processes of stakeholders’ collaboration, and
  • self assessment.

Finally, there will be an introductory text providing the rationale of the EPNoSL’s toolkit and a practical guide on its use.

3rd Year
Delivery date: 
Thu, 26/06/2014
Public deliverable