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Briefing Notes on School Leadership Policy Development

This set of Briefing Notes aims to contribute to the specification and in-depth discussion of policies for the promotion of school leadership for equity and learning across Europe. It is based on the work conducted in the context of the European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL), which includes discussion papers prepared by its internal and external experts, some of which are included in Part II of this publication, research conducted by EPNoSL partners, discourse that took place during EPNoSL’s webinars and forums and national workshops organised in several EU countries, as well as the peer learning activities undertaken in the past two years. Building on in-depth insights that resulted from these activities, the briefing notes propose three policy goals as most critical to promote school leadership for equity and learning in all school systems across the EU. The three most critical policy goals for all education systems to achieve are:

(a) The promotion of an enabling school leadership environment.

(b) The promotion of professional standards, evaluation and research on school leadership for equity and learning.

(c) School leadership capacity building for equity and learning.

A major criterion for selecting the specific policy goals and the action lines proposed by the EPNoSL Framework is that all of them can be directly shaped, to a great extent, by national governments and competent educational authorities through their decisions. The three highly interrelated policy goals (and action lines proposed) constitute a coherent system that addresses constraints and challenges that are faced to a greater or lesser degree by all school education systems across the EU.

For each of the policy goals identified above a number of action lines are proposed to become the focus of policy intervention in the form of policy measures, investments, programmes, data generation and mechanisms (Briefing Notes No. 2, 3, & 4). A number of factors are further identified as playing a critical role in the implementation of school leadership policies (Briefing Note No. 5). The discussion concludes with an indicators framework on school leadership policy development (Briefing Note No. 6).

Overall, the EPNoSL framework is designed to provide policymakers with the tools and analysis to meet challenges and identify areas for policy attention to support and enhance school leadership for equity and learning. Furthermore, the EPNoSL Framework is designed to analyze the ways that different school leadership policies and programs interplay and influence the overall capacity of school leaders and their schools to effectively and persistently address equity and learning challenges in their schools.

2nd Year
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Tue, 28/01/2014
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