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WP5 - School Leadership Policy Developments beyond EPNoSL

WP5 addresses directly all three Network objectives and focuses on

a. Putting in place a knowledge exchange process between and within national policy makers, professionals, researchers and other SL stakeholders t hat is transferable to the national and regional contexts

b. The stimulation of high level cooperation (t hat begins through WP4 actions) between national stakeholder groups under the scope of stimulati ng development of national / regional policies, regulatory arrangements and provisions

c. The promotion of the implementation of t he priorities for the development of SL and as such aims to sustain and oversee the scalab ility of developments on SL (expressed through the commitment of policy structures to on the one ha nd adopt EPNoSL resources and processes and on the other to integrate these in policy and educational practi ces). This specific objective also aims to ensure the sustainability of EPNoSL beyond the funding period.