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The School Education Gateway platform

The School Education Gateway platform  serves as one-stop info-point on European educational affairs, with regular sections on news, viewpoints (among which we host guest expert contributions and video interviews), resources (including a selection of highly relevant publications and tutorials).

The updated European Toolkit for Schools, helps education stakeholders provide an effective, high-quality early-childhood and school education. One of the new features is a self-assessment questionnaire (log in required) to get a personalised report, featuring a selection of resources relevant to your (school’s) background and areas of interest.  Contributions to the development of the tool are welcome, by logging in on School Education Gateway and suggesting a resource to be added to the repository. A new toolkit-specific menu has been added to improve navigation of more than 100 resources that come from different corners of Europe, which are organised around five interconnected thematic areas:

  1. School governance
  2. Teachers
  3. Support to learners
  4. Parental involvement
  5. Involvement of stakeholders

In addition, the constantly updated Teacher Academy offers online courses (accessible for free), on-site course catalogue and teaching materials.

The School Education Gateway platform

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