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Key Competence Framework: 2016-2017 Review Collaborative space

The ‘Key Competence Framework: 2016-2017 Review Collaborative space’ on the School Education Gateway in open for members to continue discussions about the review. A number of materials and forums have been created in this space to inform the review, and members can visit the space and contribute to the discussions currently taking place.

More specifically, a new forum titled 'Visual Presentation of the New Framework' has been created. This is based on stakeholder comments from different consultation events that:

  • The new framework should include a paragraph at the beginning to set out the purpose, vision, scope and age groups targeted
  • The framework should be “actionable” and “spark innovation” rather than descriptive
  • The framework should present key competences in a different form, perhaps in a diagram with links and interactions to other key competences/ it could include questions
  • The framework needs to be flexible and adaptable to change

The questions to be explored in the above forum are as follows:

  1. Do members have examples of key competence frameworks which have been presented in a diagrammatic form? Can you please upload these on the platform or suggest links to these frameworks.
  2. Do members have any comments with regard to the points set out above?

Please register on the Gateway, and contribute to different topics on this review.

Key Competence Framework: 2016-2017 Review Collaborative space